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SAMSKRUTAM™ is an Online Digital Platform hosting multiple open-content portals on Sanskrit-and-Indic. This is operated by Sanskrit & Indology Foundation a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to spreading knowledge on Sanskrit-and-Indic subject. The name SAMSKRUTAM is an adaption of word samskrutam (संस्कॄतम्) meaning Sanskrit. SAMSKRUTAM hosts multiple knowledge portals, namely:

  • Studies,
  • Compendia,
  • Journal,
  • WebApps.

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History (2005 - 2013)

Let us bring Sanskrit back to our daily life. This is the vision with which started.

In early 2005 SAMSKRUTAM started as an online initiative by - Biswajit Dash, Indrajit Dash, Anuja Dash (@Anuja Satapathy), and Jyoti Prakash Misra - all from Bhubaneswar the city of temples, with the vision of spreading Sanskrit in day-to-day life. On 23rd April 2005 was published as a website set to become an effective source of learning Sanskrit. Over the years contents on Sanskrit were added and the initiative developed into a larger form.

In Auguet 2012 website's contents were licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) to allow free use of the content under the open-content license. By July 2013 SAMSKRUTAM website had a range of learning features, namely - references, tutorial, shloka, stories, compendia, journal, discussion forum, guestbook, dictionary, crosswoard puzzle, and online test.

Member Profiles

Biswajit Dash is the brain child of Biswajit; and he is behind the language research and content preparation of the website since the day of its inception in 2005. It is his task to collect information on different aspects of Sanskrit, procuring books from publishers and co-ordinating the overall activities of Biswajit is Kovida certified from Samskrita Bharati in Sanskrit; and certified from Chinmaya International Foundation on Foundation Vedanta a course which imparts deep insight into essence of vedic scriptures.
Anuja Dash (@Anuja Satapathy) Anuja reviews the contents of the pages before they are published. Each and every page of the site first goes through her review, which helps avoid many initial errors. Having done her certification on Foundation Vedanta from Chinmaya International Foundation, she also prepares the vedic scripture contents of website.

Jyoti Prakash Misra Jyoti Prakash has been the key person in making the Online Dictionary a reality. He undertook the difficult task of identifying and keying in the commonly used words from different dictionaries and word-books. He has been Branch Manager in one of the branches of State Bank of India, Odisha.

Indrajit Dash Indrajit is the CEO of an Edutech Company of which he is the promoter. The entire technological aspects of this Sanskrit initiative including software development and website hosting, has been promoted by him.

Volunteers & Contributors Refer Content Creators page for details of volunteers and other content contributors.

Foundation (2014)

On 10th April 2014 the Sanskrit & Indology Foundation was established as a charitable trust entrusted with the task of carrying on the vision with which SAMSKRUTAM outset.


To carry on the vision, the foundation operates multiple online portals, SAMSKRUTAM being the umbrella. The ultimate goal is to build the envisaged knowledge repository. Each individual portal intends to achieve specific objectives.

This is the core project providing reference to every aspect of Sanskrit-and-Indic and the main source of studying Sanskrit. It contains a wide range of reference contents including - literature, stanzas (shlokas), and most importantly grammar tutorials for students of any level.
Envisaged as an encyclopaedia the aim is to provide an authentic and accurate reference library on Sanskrit-and-Indic subject.
An online journal where everyone can publish articles on different aspects Sanskrit-and-Indic subject.
The contents published from these online open-content portals are made available under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) license.
This is a set of online software tools like - online dictionary, online test, and crossword puzzle - aerving as an easy reference for learning Sanskrit. The long-term goal is to offer these software as services which can be consumed by other systems including external portals.
This enables a collaborative community building environment through - Discussion Forum and Guest Book systems.



SAMSKRUTAM™ is a trade-mark of Sanskrit & Indology Foundation a non-profit organisation, which operates a family of open-content portals under this serving as an online digital platform on Sanskrit-and-Indic subject.

Logo Evolution

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